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A non-traditional form of Clinical Pilates, with a Strength and Conditioning twist.

Classes your physiotherapist would be proud of, including livestreamed and on demand physiotherapist-led classes designed to help you build a strong foundation from home. Start below!


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On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.



As a movement enthusiast, I am no stranger to the feeling of being limited from doing the things you love. I found Clinical Pilates after being sidelined with debilitating back pain. I was grasping for anything that might help me get back to my previous athletic self. With Clinical Pilates knowledge, as well as my physiotherapy education and Strength and Conditioning background, I built my foundation back and am now stronger than before.

After experiencing life as a patient, I learned how confusing and complicated navigating pain can be. This fueled my desire to make Clinical Pilates more accessible to the general public, and to reduce the barrier to receiving quality physiotherapy care.

During Foundations by Tracy classes, I guide you through exercises that help connect you to your breath, core and  pelvic floor. We work on restoring range of motion, improving postural awareness, and building muscular strength. Through my holistic approach to well-being and pain management, I aim to empower you to trust the process of healing by tuning into your own individual needs while simultaneously challenging yourself daily.

Disclaimer: Foundations by Tracy does not provide medical advice, and it is recommended that the classes are just a supplement to the work that you are doing with a licensed health care provider.


It is challenging to find the words to express how I feel about Foundations 101. Although I am fortunate to have Tracy as a physiotherapist, this series gave me an accessible and effective way to improve my chronic pain at a time in my life when I didn't think that it was possible to feel better. I am especially grateful that it was online. Chronic fatigue is such a huge part of living with chronic pain and for a long time it would have been very challenging to find the energy to leave my apartment and go to a pilates class. Knowing that I could turn on my laptop and complete these classes from home kept me motivated to keep going during more challenging times on my pain journey.


I had no prior experience with pilates or yoga, and actually quite serendipitously stumbled across Tracy's online programme. I was then suffering from a recent back injury that I simply couldn't shake off. Over the course of the programme, I learnt some invaluable stretches and movements that contributed immensely towards my recovery. I learnt to be a lot more conscious of the way I moved and my posture, especially during certain exercises or activities that were pertinent to my injury. Her approach is quite holistic - there is a different focus in every class. I find myself referring back (through the videos posted) to the exercises that resonated with me the most. She is a very capable physiotherapist and instructor who brings a very methodical and focused approach to pilates.


Coming from a competitive powerlifting background, not being able to move the way I once could, let alone move the weight I once could, really set me back both physically and mentally. After doing Tracy's pilates and online programs for over a year, I've gained back so much confidence in the gym, can lift pain and discomfort-free, and my movement patterns have improved significantly. I’ve seen huge improvements in my glute activation, and no longer squat with a hip shift. I’ve also learned how to properly use my core in various situations - be it while working from home, running, and during heavy lifts. On top of that, her course has also taught me so much about pain in general and how to manage it.


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